GA1 PDF Form

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Report of Thorough Examination


This form may be used to record the thorough examination and testing of Lifting Equipment, as set out in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, 2007. This form was produced by the HSA to facilitate the recording of information, as per Schedule 1 Part E of these regulations. This form must be
completed by a competent person. This is not an approved or statutory form.


    Note: Each configuration should reflect the working arrangements, for example length of jib; fly jib; radius; angle; ballast; number of rope falls; heightunder hook. Please detail the safe working loads for all configurations, as per manufacturer's instructions.

  • Latest date for next thorough examination
  • Indicate if the immediate cessation of use has been advised
  • We'll send a copy of the GA1 form to this email address
  • Competent person performing tests or thorough examination
  • The person receiving the report of a thorough examination